Assorted Nuts Creates Game Publisher

On November 5, 2015 In News,

SaltLake-SkylineAssorted Nuts Entertainment today revealed its intent to rapidly establish itself as a top-tier games developer and publisher, focusing initially on the mobile gaming market. Assorted Nuts will fund both internal and external game development, and publish groundbreaking yet commercially appropriate free to play titles – leveraging its relationships and access to iconic properties, as well as its own brands.

Assorted Nuts is a boutique animation company headquartered in Karlstad, Sweden. Its game development and publishing affiliate, Assorted Nuts Entertainment Inc. is based in Salt Lake City, USA. The company’s core expertise is around story-telling and character development. The studio develops and exploits intellectual properties for the international market: animated feature films and TV-series plus games & on-demand content, spanning all age groups and genres.