POWER UP! Nuttery Hires SVP

On September 7, 2012 In News,

No point in setting up a company if no one will be working for it. Unless it’s a dummy corporation, sure, but this ain’t one of those. So the studio has been looking at someone who would fit the bill of what Assorted Nuts Entertainment needs. Someone who’s been the Executive Creative Director for Marketing at a major US network, or has worked for a studio as VP of Marketing & Business Development, or maybe just someone who’s worked in the animation industry for over 20 years. Or… how about all of the above? Meet Assorted Nuts Entertainment’s new Senior Vice President of Marketing, Licensing and Business Development. Meet Lee Adams…


With extensive experience in sales, marketing, licensing and brand development, Mr. Adams is the man to launch Assorted Nuts Entertainment and will put all his skills towards bringing ANE closer to its goals.

I love this challenge. I love the properties and I love the studio and the people. With so many opportunities out there to capitalize on, and by opening up the studio for third-party properties as well, I feel we can successfully grow the studio and make some wonderful things happen over the next year”, says the new US point man Lee Adams.

Before joining the nuttery, Lee worked at Toonzone Studios as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development where he successfully sold and branded two international shows.