Streamy Awards Honors Alabama Native

On April 11, 2010 In News,

ANAS_Newsletter_STREAMYWINApril 7th. Barnsdall Park. The bright LA sun is slowly setting behind the Hollywood Sign  in the mountains across the fabaled boulevard of broken dreams. The Streamy Awards Craft Ceremony has begun, and thanks to an open bar courtesy of Stella Artois, spirits were even higher than expected.

The host comes on and a barrage of bad jokes followed amidst several unimportant bla-bla-bla categories. Then it happened.

“And the nomenies for Best
Animation in a Web Series are…”

The audience gripped the armrests to the surprisingly comfortable chairs. Intermittent sounds of wood cracking added ambience to the announcer’s voice as he continued to announce the nominees:


The audience snickered as each show sounded incredibly similar to the next. And also stupid. Then it happened. The final nominee was announced…

“The Goob”

The theater erupted in a cavalcade of cheers and that thumping noise a body makes as it collapses helplessly to the ground for swooning.

ANAS_Newsletter_STREAMYLOGOThe announcers waits for it… waits for it…

“And the winner is…”

Silence. Deafening silence.

“The Gooooooooooooooob”

The crowd roars. The Assorted Nuts topper slowly made his way through the overjoyed audience and took to the podium and gave a half-descent, half-slurred thank-you-speech that neither offended nor brought down the house. Damn that open bar.

>> Check out the speech here

Following the event there were industry mingling, after-parties and mini-coopers.

‘Twas a good night. ‘Twas a just night. ‘Twas a Goob night.

If anyone didn’t call FRAT on the text above, and made it this far but still is unsure of what it all means, then here’s the short and sweet of it:
Assorted Nuts won the Streamy Awards for Best Animation in a Web-Series. Or in other terms, Assorted Nuts is the best in the world when it comes to producing animated web-series. Not that we needed a streamy to prove it, but sure feels good. Kudos to us.