LA Scribe Contracted To Expand Pink World

On March 28, 2010 In News,

 Eleven-year-old TiffanyANAS_Newsletter_MPW has teamed up with Chris Brown – the comedy writer, not the wife beater – who is now onboard to pen the pilot script for My Pink World. Chris has had some experience in writing funny stuff, most notably perhaps on a semi-successful NBC show called Friends, and the politically correct animation series South Park.

Alongside his skills as a writer, Mr. Brown comes with a couple of other qualifications that makes him perfect to delve into Mike and Tiff’s world.

As the father of two daughters right around our blonde protagonist’s age, Chris knows what it means to be an eleven-year-old girl. Well, as much as any guy can, of course. Tiffany’s family situation is also familiar territory as Chris grew up in a ‘broken home’, an experience he shares on the weekends when he counsels kids going through this very thing.

The final pilot is set to be finalized by the end of April.