Happy Holidays All You Pagans and Believers

On December 24, 2009 In News,

 ’tis the season after all.ANAS_Holidays The greatest time of the year, if you’re a kid that is. Otherwise, it’s a unique few days that are accompanied with an unprecedented amount of stress. Not to worry though, the studio is completely unaffected since our average mental age is around twelve.

We do hope you are relaxed and ready for some good, wholesome holiday fun. If you’re not, then take this send-out of holiday cheer and buck up. Sure, it’s not the biggest present under the Christmas tree, it’s more like an office party and a pretty lady who has had just a tad too much egg nog finds herself under the mistle toe next to you. Like you didn’t plan the whole thing, eh? Come on, be honest! What are we talking about again…? Anyho-ho-ho – Happy Holidays Y’all!