Digital Musician Finds Home At Major Diskery

On October 25, 2009 In News,

 It’s official! TheGoob’s musical careerANAS_Newsletter_EMI just took a ‘major’ leap in forward as he becomes the world’s first virtually real musician signed to a major label! EMI baby!!

The record label,  Electrical &Musical Industries Ltd, one of the four major labels of the world, has entered into a partnership to launch the Alabama farm boy’s music to the world. This deal is laying the foundation for a long-term partnership between theGoob and the major diskery.

This is a project that has never been done before. theGoob really is the world-first truly digital artist and EMI has a history of pushing the envelope. Everyone here at EMI is very excited and eager to get going.” said EMI’s Head of Business and Legal Affairs Birgitta Bokström.

The planned commercialization andANAS_Newsletter_EMItG exploitation of theGoob in the music arena will tap into every one of EMI’s different platforms, from music distribution to licensing and merchandising to brand integration, or as explained by the studio’s topper and good friend of the peanut-pickin’ guitar-slinger:

kick. Ass.”

This Thursday, the studio will head up to the Capital to introduce Dwayne to EMI’s sales division, the people that’s gonna make the little bugger rich. Stay ‘tuned’!

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