Swedish Mobile Crafter Wants Top-Notch Videos

On October 16, 2009 In News,

 When big phone manufacturer Sony EricssonANAS_Newsletter_SE looks for top-notch quality video content for a world-wide campaign, where do they turn? Assorted Nuts, that’s where! This synchronized global campaign is going to be the first of its kind for Sony Ericsson and will serve as a gauge for future promotions.

The initial launch will be world-wide on the Fun & Downloads platform, and the initial premium video offering will only consist of three content providers, each supplying five videos each.

Assorted Nuts will be the only one providing animation. If one’s math skills are not up to snuff, this puts Assorted Nuts in Sony Ericsson’s the top-three for video providers, and the number one go-to studio for animated content. How you like them apples? We likes ‘em good! Real good! On the other hand, the studio’s last video offering distributed through Fun & Downloads did do a massive five million downloads in its first year, so its not like the studio has an iffy track record.

The studio’s slate of five videos will consist of three items from theGoob project – The original Feel the Free music video, his first video blog episode, and an edited version of the farm boy’s short stint in Sin City. The remaining videos are still to be determined.

To further cement the awesomeness of the studio and theGoob project, the good folks over at the Sony Ericsson’s marketing division have decided to include theGoob in their world-wide banner promotion in their push for the video campaign. Mmm, Golden Delicious!

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