Round Two of Wine ‘n’ Dine Extravaganza 2009

On September 30, 2009 In News,

Team ANAS is once againANAS_Newsletter_MIP1 setting its sight on the French  Riviera. While fun, fun, fun in the Mediterranean sun is not on the menu, schmoosing and hobnobbing with three-piece suits are. Besides the usual catching up with distant associates, the studio is bringing along a select group of properties that are being targeted. Jumping Green Things, theGoob and Murphy Law’s Wonderful life are in the spotlight, but other future greats such as Far From Home, My Pink World, SuperZeroes and Dark Side of Happy are riding shotgun in this years MIP-mobile.

ANAS_Newsletter_EricaBesides the studio’s usual suspects attending this year’s industry gathering, an addition to team ANAS will come along for the ride. Erica “hard-case” Landin will join the guys in the capacity of producer, adding to the already hulk-like presence of the studio. Having worked as producer and sales executive for Scandianture Films, her network and experience will be valuable as the studio expands its business development base. In addition to her business savvy, she can throw down on the party scene like no other, giving the studio a non-nerd point person at the obligatory pours and local nitery excursions with the business peeps.

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