Blogger Close To End On Strike

On September 25, 2009 In News,

 After a successful launch on Strike.TV, theANAS_Newsletter_STV world’s first animated blogger is nearing the end of his hi-def re-trek across the American south. The final episode, the music video for the original country version of Feel the Free, will go online on October 5th.

The Strike.TV team is happy with the launch and exited to have been part of theGoob’s first real showing in the US market. Strike.TV topper Peter Hyoguchi issued the following statement before the show’s premiere:

“We are so proud to be adding such a beautifully animated series to the family of series on Strike.TV. ‘The Goob’ stands out as something totally fresh and lovingly crafted. I have yet to see this level of independently produced computer animation for the Web and can’t wait to share this find with our audience.”

Assorted Nuts will capitalize on this relationship with Strike.TV and its connections and reputation in Hollywood this October as the studio heads over to the US to help theGoob realize his dream of silver screen fame.