Studio Aroused – Grows Bigger

On August 8, 2009 In News,

With many properties moving forward,ANAS_Newsletter_Grow the studio is feeling stimulated (yes, that sort of aroused!) and in order to handle the increased pressure it looks to expand. What economic downturn? Surely you mean market shares up for grabs!

With the recent addition of Erica ‘hard-case” Landin to the MIP team, another crack artist have been added to the studio’s already talented roster. Luleå native and ace animator Henrik Vesterberg is back at the studio full-time and was instrumental in the fast delivery of theGoob’s new music video. Having previously worked at the studio in 2008 as an animator on theGoob project, Henrik is back and looking to reprise his performace and once again add his top-notch animation quality to the studio’s productions.

At this year’s upcoming MIPCOM, talks will continue with an LA-based studio rep who might be joining the studio in setting up a more permanent US presence.