Comedy Scribe Bill Taub Jumping On Green

On March 27, 2009 In News,

The latest treatment for the featureANAS_Newsletter_JGT film Jumping Green Things has been met upward-turned thumbs all around and the script is now being penned by Hollywood comedy scripe Bill Taub.

“I love this project! I’m sure the words will just JUMP off the page when I’m done with it!” – Bill Taub.

We are of course assuming this word pun is simply the result of temporary brain aneurysm and not indicative of anything to come.

Slated for an early May completion, the script will be shopped to “the distributor” and production funds will be hunted for at the usual circus stops, starting with Annecy in June.

In the meantime, rediscover the glory that is Jumping Green Things by revisiting the animations available for the project.

>> Watch The Trailers