Production Propels Studio Into Resume’s Top 3

On February 18, 2009 In News,

Working on the Christmas ANAS_Newsletter_T3campaign of one of Sweden’s biggest newspaper can have its advantages. If you’re like most studios, then it’ll just be another pay-day, but if your work is weapons-grade CGI, then it will get you on the most prestigious list known to Swedish CGI slave houses – Resume’s List of Top Productions Houses.

Hired on by top ad-agency Pool to work on Svenska Dagbladet’s Online holiday promotion, the studio’s outstanding CGI-production propelled them into the number three spot. Having reinforced their reputation for high quality work and going the extra mile, Assorted Nuts remains at the top of a crowded CGI market. When asked his opinion on having made the prestigious list, the studio topper replied –

“Resume? Who’s resume? And why only number three!?!”

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